The Truth about Traffic School and Accidents

No, you cannot remove an accident from your record by going to traffic school.

Let me explain how the process works with tickets and points against your license and then I’ll come back to this.

The State of Arizona tracks points against your license on an annual basis.  You are only allowed a certain amount of points per year, and the points vary depending on the type/severity of the ticket you receive.  For instance, a speeding ticket may only carry 2-3 points, while and accident may carry 6.  If you exceed the maximum amount of points in a year you will then be required to attend TSS (Traffic Survival School) in order to maintain your license.

Some tickets can be removed from your record, along with the points, by attending a regular traffic school, which in the State of Arizona you can do once every 2 years.  Usually, the smaller tickets like speeding, turn violations, etc. are eligible for this option.  Both the ticket and points are removed from your driving record (MVR) so you don’t accumulate anything towards your maximum annual threshold.

However, an accident is a different story.  Yes, you can go to school for an accident, and yes, the points will be removed, but the ticket WILL NOT be removed.  The accident will remain on your driving record for 3 years.

Save traffic school for the small stuff and be patient, you’ll outlive the accident and your rates will get better eventually.

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